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About Us

The law firm Marquez-Graf, S.C., has emerged from the union of business attorneys that, in the light of globalization, share the same goals, consisting in achieving excellence, professionalism and know how in providing high quality legal services, both in Mexico and in the United States of America.

We have been able to bring together a group of lawyers specialized in various areas, capable of implementing efficient legal solutions, serving the vision of our client´s businesses with a deep knowledge of the Law in their respective fields.

Each matter we handle is our most important case. Therefore, our work has become our best recommendation, because each member of our team is highly skilled to personally handle the business matters entrusted to us by our clients.  We will work side-by-side with our clients in developing the best strategies to fully meet their business needs.

All members of our firm fully understand the problems and risks encountered by our clients, thus we always focus on finding the most satisfactory solution to their issues.

The Marquez-Graf Law Firm is committed to the community. As a consequence, we are permanently involved in pro bono matters. Each of our attorneys provides free legal advice and solutions to those in need.

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