Our practice has been focused on Real Estate investments made by nationals and foreign clients, as well as those derived from joint ventures.

Our experience in property and contracts law in Mexico, as well as regulations applicable to the organization, financing and operation of projects, allows us to provide sound advice and represent our clients in all matters involving Real Estate.


The acquisition and property development in Mexico is a complex process that involves many potential pitfalls, especially for foreign investors.

Real Estate buyers require independent legal advice to perform the necessary procedures and review final paperwork to ensure the protection of their interests; it is not recommended to rely on the advice from a broker or the seller’s attorney, who may have conflicting interests.

Likewise, we offer legal advice to businesses, institutional and individual investors on how to comply with the Mexican Law, in particular regarding corporate provisions, land trusts (“fideicomisos”) and financing plans: such as guarantees, collaterals and mortgages.